1 open PhD position


Our general requirements include

Software Engineering

Broad experience and interest in the area of software engineering.

Master's degree in Computer Science

You should either have a Master's degree, or be close to obtaining one.


A good knowledge of English is an absolute must.

Soft Skills

Good communicator, strong social skills, team player.


Andy Zaidman was recently awarded a prestigious NWO Vidi grant called TestRoots. This 800,000 euro research projects aims to advance the state-of-the-art in software evolution and software testing.

With software applications becoming ever more important in our daily lives, we are relying on the assumption that this software is reliable. Software testing is an important means to ensure this reliability, however, a 2002 study reports that software failures cost the US economy $59.5 billion annually. This indicates a lack of testing, which can be explained by the high cost of testing.

A number of research questions that this project aims to solve are:

How does developer testing happen in open source and industrial projects?
How can we improve test-related decisions with historical data on test failures?
How can we stimulate learning from past failures?
How can we create traceability links between levels of testing?
How can we enable test management during evolution?


Requirements for candidates include:

  • Master’s degree in computer science or informatics.
  • Broad experience and interest in the area of software engineering.
  • Good communicator, strong social skills, team player.
  • Independent working style.
  • A good knowledge of English is an absolute must.
  • Not afraid to learn.
  • Creative mind

Working environment

The TU Delft is one of the top technical universities in Europe. The TU Delft Department of Software Technology is one of the leading Dutch groups active in research and academic education in the area of computer science, employing more than 100 people.

Its Software Engineering Section conducts research in all areas of software engineering. The section employs over twenty people, including academic staff, a dozen PhD students, and several postdoctoral researchers. The section is involved in a range of (international) research projects, mostly conducted in collaboration with industry and other universities. In addition to its research activities, the section is responsible for the programming and software engineering education of the bachelor and masters students of the Delft computer science studies. (

Application deadline

Applications will be accepted until all positions have been filled.

Application procedure

Send all of your application documents to dr. Andy Zaidman ( Your application should include:

  • A detailed resume (with publications, if you have any)
  • A motivational letter specifically referring to the open position (maximum 3 pages).
    • The motivational letter should be on-topic, generic letters will cause your application to be rejected immediately.
    • Please specify why you are the ideal candidate for the position in the TestRoots project.
    • Please explain clearly how your expertise/background can make the difference for this particular research project.
  • Copies of marks and degrees/certificates
  • A list of 3 (academic) references that we can contact
  • Your MSc thesis in English (or alternative if your MSc thesis is not in English, a 5-page summary of your MSc thesis in English).